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Sign up to receive doorstep deliveries of our Gourmet Cookies every two weeks through our Cookie Collection subscription service.

Choose either a 6-month or 12-month delivery plan, and let the cravings begin!

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You'll receive auto-delivery shipments of 12 Jumbo, Gourmet, Bakery-Style Cookies twice each month (every 2 weeks) so you'll always have a sweet treat on hand.

Plus, your 1st shipment comes with a surprise gift inside! Wonder what that could be? I guess you'll have to wait for your cookie delivery to find out!


What's better than getting a notification that your freshly baked, bakery-style JC cookies have arrived? Opening the package and enjoying them, of course!

Don't forget to use
#jordanscookies and #whenmycookiesarrive as we love to experience the joy of receiving a JC gift with you!

The Cookie Collection - Subscription Plan
The Cookie Collection - Subscription Plan

The Cookie Collection - Subscription Plan


Doorstep deliveries of Jordan's Cookies shipped every two weeks.

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Here's What Our Cookie Lovers Have To Say...

I've never seen a subscription box for cookies, and I just selected the 12-month plan. I love her Classics and  I'm excited to see what her new flavors will be in 2021!


I am such a fan of Jordan's Cookies. Her story, her amazing cookies, and her entrepreneurial spirit are so inspirational. I can't wait for 2021 and all the new flavors I get to try!


Honestly, no one makes a cookie like Jordan's Cookies. Thank you for offering this subscription plan. You're now the remedy for all my dessert cravings in 2021. Woo!