About Jordan

Founder. CEO. Chief Cookie Creator.

The Jordan's Cookies Story

Hi! My name is Jordan Johnson and I'm the Founder + Chief Cookie Creator of Jordan’s Cookies.

My entrepreneurial journey began at 8 years old with a cookie stand in my driveway; and through exponential growth over the years, we have transformed into a nationally distributed brand, serving tens of thousands of individual and corporate customers always intertwining our success with service, giving back, and helping others.

I come from an entrepreneurial family as my parents are both independent business owners, and from a young age they taught me the values of creating a business out of something you love, and as a lot of 8 year olds, I loved of sweets, particularly cookies! After participating in our neighborhood garage sale with my cookie stand, I created a plan to grow the idea of Jordan’s Cookies, expand its concept and transform it into a fully-functioning business.

With the help of my mom, and countless days of trial-and-error, we established what is known as our original signature Jordan’s Cookies cookie dough. Over the next few years, we had marginal success by selling small orders of cookies in my neighborhood and to family friends. 

In 2013 we established our first fully functioning e-commerce website that drastically improved and expanded our brand to a national level. As we continued to grow and expand, we have moved out of the driveway and into a commercial kitchen facility where we have a team of volunteers who help us bake and package every order.

My vision turned reality, Jordan’s Cookies, is the one stop shop for cookie lovers across the country using blends of organic, all natural and Non-GMO ingredients. We make a constant effort to bring to life what each and every customers desires by using the finest and freshest ingredients available in the market. Our cookie flavors, each unique in their own way, hit the mark in taste, quality, creativity, and design. We hand bake each batch of cookies with confidence, passion, and love and from positive feedback to selling out, we maintain confidence in our product!

Whether this is your first time hearing about us, or you've been a raving fan for years, I want you to have a stellar experience and become excited as you wait for your Cookies to arrive! 

As we continue to grow and expand, my goal is to have Jordan's Cookies become a household name, and prove to the world why Jordan's Cookies are, "The Best Cookies on the Planet!"