The Jordan Johnson Foundation, established in 2018 by Teen Entrepreneur Jordan Johnson, works to uplift and provide support for the youth in their beginning entrepreneurial journeys.

There are 3 main components to the Foundation:
Scholarship Funds, The JC Intensives, and The Workshop Conferences.


Yearly, the Foundation plans to donate Scholarships to various high school seniors around the country, who plan to pursue a degree in a business/entrepreneurial venture. The application process is open to all, and from the many deserving candidates, we will select a few to award.


The JC Intensives, an annual 3-4 day retreat, selects 10 students (with up to 2 guests) who have started the beginning phases of running a company. From meeting some dynamic business leaders to forming a network with the other kids, we will provide information that can be put into practice on their own for the future.


The Workshop Conferences, a yearly Forum event where thousands of students, primarily from lower-income communities, will have the opportunity to learn about entrepreneurship and the possibilities of forming their own company. A full day event, we will provide 3 meals, snacks, and a fun activity. With guest speakers, breakout groups, a Q & A session, plus teaching them how to turn their interests and talents into a business, the children will begin to view life and their futures from a different perspective.